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WVPY Front Royal signed off the air June 11, 2018, at 12:07 AM, and ceased transmissions on channel 42 (RF channel 21), relinquishing the frequency pursuant to the FCC Spectrum Auction. All WVPY transmitters are now off the air, including Culpeper, Luray, and Fulks Run.

WVPY began operations on channel 51.2 (RF channel 11) serving New Market, on June 11, 2018, showing WCVW programming in HD. WVPY viewers already able to reveive WVPT on channel 51 (RF channel 11) from transmitters at Staunton/Buffalo Gap, Monterey, or Charlottesville, may receive WVPY after scanning for new channels.

There are currently no known issues with WVPT transmitters at this time. New services were added June 11, 2018, and some viewers may need to rescan for channels if the new services are not showing after that date:

  • 51.1 - WVPT-HD
  • 51.2 - WVPY-HD
  • 51.3 - Create
  • 51.4 - PBS Kids 24/7

Cable and satellite customers should contact their provider to find out how to watch the new WVPT channel lineup.

Note to Charlottesville Viewers looking for Create
Create has moved from WHTJ 41.2 to WVPT 51.3. WVPT transmits on VHF channel 11, with lower power, and the same antenna that's always worked for WHTJ may not work for WVPT. (Think "rabbit ears".) It's currently the only VHF channel in Charlottesville. In order to receive WVPT, your antenna must have adequate performance on VHF, and an unobstructed path to Carter Mountain. Many "digital" antennas sold today only perform on UHF, with degraded VHF capability, if at all, and these are unlikely to yield satisfactory results. When the TV antenna input has an adequate signal, scanning for channels should find Create at 51.3 when it scans RF channel 11.

Channel, Cable & Satellite and Other Updates

DirecTV & Dish Network in the Northern Shenandoah Valley (Update) 

A message from WVPT station manager, Tony Mancari to viewers who can no longer see WVPT in the northern Shenandoah Valley on Direct &
Dish. (This area is known as the Hagerstown / Washington D.C. designated market area.)

All WVPT programming remains available in the northern Shenandoah Valley area on Comcast and Shentel cable, and online ON DEMAND anytime at

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