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Hosted by Jeff Ishee, VIRGINIA FARMING is a weekly, locally-produced farming news series. Topics include: poultry, beef, dairy, crops, wine, seafood, timber, aquaculture, and farm safety, as well as a myriad of other topics that affect farmers and consumers each and every day.

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Ocotber 24
Virginia Arboretum
The State Arboretum of Virginia is located at the Blandy Experimental Farm near Boyce, VA. Started in the 1930s, it now contains over 5000 woody trees and shrubs from around the world.

Ocotber 31
Humane Turkey Production with Dr. Temple Grandin
The Virginia wine industry has grown tremendously over the past two decades and is now one of the most respected regions in the world for producing quality wine.

November 7
Grain Bin Safety
It is a proven fact that on-farm safety practices save lives. This week we explore the inherent dangers of working around grain bins.

November 14
Stable Craft Brewing
Micro-breweries located on working farms are all the buzz. See how the demand for "local, craft beers" is impacting Virginia agriculture.

November 21
Virginia Tech Dairy Science Complex
The dairy sector ranks #3 in the Virginia agricultural economy. Some of the leading research on dairy animals and dairy products take place at this facility in Blacksburg.

November 28
Shirley Plantation
We visit one of the oldest farms in the United States, located on the historic James River.
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