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Hey Virginia is a unique monthly program inspired by the community, and for the community. It’s a cultural medley of arts, history, music, and entertainment, spotlighting the vibrant community in which we live and work. Every month Hey Virginia highlights the exciting upcoming events and festivals taking place throughout our region, and offers in-depth stories on the people, places, and things that make our Commonwealth such a magical place to experience. Presenting a diverse snapshot of Virginia lifestyles, Hey Virginia is a beacon for what IS happening, and what is happening NEXT in this amazing region we call home. Also featuring fun and entertaining viewer submitted content, Hey Virginia is a truly interactive community experience. 

Hey Virginia – Offering a fresh perspective on tomorrow’s adventures!

Your Hostess

Your Hostess
Kate Martin is the current host of the live middays show on 100.7 Q101 here in the Valley, as well as the afternoon traffic reporter for many of the local stations. She hails from Oklahoma where she spent the last 10 years working at various stations and in multiple markets for TV and radio. Her voice has been heard nationwide in commercials both local and national.

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