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Every year many businesses and organizations partner with WVPT Public media by sponsoring our television programs, pledge events or other special events. It is their commitment and generosity that allows us to provide our viewers – your customers, potential customers and employees – with high-quality programs.

No matter what type of business or organization you are or what your budget is, WVPT can offer a sponsorship opportunity for your company that provides valuable on-air exposure, which allows you to reach the people you want to reach.

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Why Spend Your Media Dollars with WVPT?

WVPT delivers an audience not easily found anywhere else
WVPT’s audience is a concentrated group of unique individuals-educated, influential, informed, mostly affluent, and active in communities and civic organizations. WVPT viewers are decision-makers and leaders in business, the professions, and government. They are also Baby Boomers, who make nearly 2/3 of all consumer goods purchases. They are discriminating.

  • 62% believe underwriters are industry leaders
  • 75% feel that companies that fund WVPT have a commitment to quality and excellence
  • 71% are able to recall sponsoring companies
  • 60% would choose to buy a product from a company that supports us, all other things being equal.
WVPT offers a highly credible, sophisticated, and uncluttered environment
Unlike commercial television, WVPT limits the number of underwriting messages in programming breaks, ensuring that your messages will receive maximum visibility and retention by our viewers as they are delivered in a sophisticated, uncluttered environment.

  • Because of this highly credible environment, sponsors are also perceived as credible.
  • WVPT has a clutter-free format. Per hour, we have only five minutes of non-programming messages as compared to 15 minutes of advertising on commercial television.
WVPT bestows the “Halo Effect” on sponsors
Corporate underwriters are recognized and appreciated for their support. PBS enjoys a special relationship of trust and respect with viewers, and that goodwill extends to the companies that support the station. The WVPT audience perceives company sponsorship as both philanthropic and supportive of the community and WVPT.

As a result, out audience:
  • Develops an accrued positive feeling toward sponsors
  • Has a strong affinity for WVPT’s programming and the sponsors who support the programming
  • Goes out of its way to support our sponsors
WVPT offers Powerful Programming
Educational, entertaining, and engaging programs are the reason people watch WVPT every week. These are the standard-bearing programs for children, public affairs and documentary investigation on national television. Your message, presented in the company of the best programs on television, will make a positive impression on our audience…your customers, employees, colleagues, friends, and neighbors throughout Virginia and portions of surrounding states. Underwriting is a message of corporate support for the quality programs found only on WVPT.

Businesses have discovered underwriting also yields significant marketing benefits.
  • Promotes your offerings to a broad audience at an affordable price
  • Generates community goodwill through support of public television
  • Builds brand awareness by linking your business with high-quality programs
  • Positions your business before an educated, influential audience
  • Markets your brand in an environment free of commercial clutter

To serve the public through active community engagement and by providing trusted and valued services and high quality content to educate, enlighten, lead, inspire and entertain.

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Media doesn't work without YOU, the PUBLIC. WVPT no longer receives state funding to sustain our operations. In fact, the majority of the station's support comes from viewers like YOU!


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