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Donor Levels

$5.00 Per Month

At the entry level of just $5.00 a month, you can become a WVPT Sustaining Member... investing in your community's story, through WVPT Public Media. Your total gift of $60 a year (paid easily in $5 monthly increments), provides one full hour of PBS children's programming for you and your community.

Membership includes access to PBS Passport, the on-demand library of quality public television programming online. PLUS, as a thank you gift, you will receive WVPT's MemberCard – offering buy-one-get-one-free discounts at many local and regional restaurants, theaters and businesses. To make it even more simple, there's an app for that

$10.00 Per Month

As a sustaining member donating $10 per month ($120 annually), you have ensured that an episode of MASTERPIECE, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW or GREAT PERFORMANCES is available to your community from WVPT Public Media. Your gift inspires high quality entertainment in the form of your favorite dramatic stories, arts and entertainment - that can ONLY be found on PBS and WVPT. So whether you admire the story of VICTORIA or the doctors and nurses of MERCY STREET, the appraisals and histories on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW or outstanding offerings of the arts in all forms, your gift inspires excellence on WVPT. And as a thank you – you can choose this great WVPT logo coffee mug so that you can start you day off right with WVPT!

$15.00 Per Month

Paperclips! Any idea how many paperclips this organization uses a day? It's a lot. Pens, sticky notes, let's not even talk about the stationery costs. And PRINTING. It's massive. Your donation of $15 per month, totaling $180 per year, helps WVPT pay for the tiny things that make our offices run. It's not glamorous... but it's essential. And your contribution ensures that your favorite local and PBS programming makes it to the air, each hour of every day... all because your investment gave WVPT the tools (however large or small) to do the job! PLUS – invest at this level, and receive one of WVPT's snazzy retro logo t-shirts to sport around the community. Great deal!

$25 Per Month

MemberCard, mug, shirt... You want it all. We get that and are more than happy to comply. For your gift of $25 per month, a generous gift of $300 per year, you can represent WVPT in all these ways and show your community that you are an investor/owner in your local public media operative – WVPT.
Your gift also supports 150 of the THOUSANDS of books that WVPT distributes to area children and youth each year.  Since its inception, WVPT has placed a high value on education content – specifically funding events around a love of books, reading, and literacy. Your gift puts a book in 150 children's hands to develop an appreciation of life-long learning. A job well done.

$30 Per Month

Why watch PBS on your tiny phone when you could use your new ROKU Express streaming device to enjoy your member benefits on the big screen? Your donation also entitles you to installation support from our own Tech Nerd, Membership Manager Jason Campbell. He specializes in customer service and can assist you by phone if need be.  
When you invest in WVPT at the $30 level per month, $360 of support per year, your support partially funds the production of one of our local segments of Virginia Farming or Hey Virginia. This is programming made by WVPT for you, our local audience. Your Story. Your Community. And because you fund it – YOUR station, WVPT.

$50 Per Month

At the $50 a month level of support, WVPT invites you to be a Day Sponsor for an entire day of programming on your favorite station. While you are using your annual donation of $600 to bring great education, entertainment, and inspiration to your community... you can also celebrate a special day during our programming schedule! During each day part – that's three times – for your selected day we'll provide a message letting the viewers know that YOU are sponsoring the programming that day. Within your message, you can celebrate an event or an important person in your life and support WVPT at the same time!
In addition, to helping ensure commercial free programming airs on WVPT you will receive the WVPT MemberCard and WVPT Passport benefits – that’s two-for-one dining and entrance to events and services, along with all the ON DEMAND videos you desire on your smartphone, tablet, or computer for the membership year.

To serve the public through active community engagement and by providing trusted and valued services and high quality content to educate, enlighten, lead, inspire and entertain.

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Media doesn't work without YOU, the PUBLIC. WVPT no longer receives state funding to sustain our operations. In fact, the majority of the station's support comes from viewers like YOU!


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