Events from 04/24/18

  • From 04/24/ 8:00 pm until 04/24/ 10:00 pm
    At 147 Warsaw Ave, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Categories: Event, Live Event Tags: theater, live event
    Jewels, a preacher’s daughter, returns to New Jersey for her father’s funeral in the middle of a hurricane. But the treacherous storm has other plans, washing ashore skeletons, avocado trees, and an oddball cast of characters from Moses to the Little Mermaid. They join Jewels as she journeys through the ruins of past and present, fantasy and truth, looking to find the family she lost and the faith she thought she knew. Features students from JMU’s School of Theatre and Dance in this new play by JMU theatre faculty member Ingrid De Sanctis. Contains adult content and language.
1 101 04-24-2018

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