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Here’s who to speak with at WVPT.

804-560-8120 John Felton, VP/GM, TV
540-437-2455 Donna Meyerhoeffer, Administrative Assistant
540-437-2444 Jo Sites, Outreach and Special Projects (Auction and Documentary Sales)

540-437-2450 Rosa Bare, WVPT Commonwealth Circle & Member Relations Liaison
540-437-2469 Ivette Churney, Corporate Support Representative (Harrisonburg, Staunton & Waynesboro)
888-987-8727 Toll Free Pledge Number

Television Production:
540-437-2435 Amy Roscher, Production Manager
540-437-2438 Shari Pennington, Producer

540-437-2454 Candice Ezeigbo, Programming Coordinator

540-437-2467 Austin Wright, Chief Engineer

Common numbers:
888-987-8727 – WVPT Main Switchboard
877-WVPTCAR – Car Donations

WVPT Public Media
847 MLK, Jr. Way
Harrisonburg, VA 22801 (EXIT 247 * 33 West / I-81)
Phone: 888-987-8727

Closed Captioning Issues

To contact WVPT about our closed captioning service or advise us about captioning problems, please contact the WVPT WVPY engineering team. We accept calls using TTY/TDD and the Telecommunications Relay Service, and we are available during normal business hours to address captioning issues.

Telephone: 540 434-5391
Fax: 540 434-7084

To submit a complaint about an issue you may write to:

Austin Wright, CBT
Technology Manager/Chief Engineer,
WVPT WVPY Public Media
847 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Harrisonburg VA 22801

Tel 540-437-2467

Mobile 540-323-0966

To serve the public through active community engagement and by providing trusted and valued services and high quality content to educate, enlighten, lead, inspire and entertain.

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Media doesn't work without YOU, the PUBLIC. WVPT no longer receives state funding to sustain our operations. In fact, the majority of the station's support comes from viewers like YOU!


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