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Saturday, August 8 at noon.

– On the 10th Anniversary of His First Public Television Special, Dr. Wayne Dyer Presents a New Program Based on His Newest Book, Excuses Begone!  –

In his previous seven specials (including THE POWER OF INTENTION, 10 SECRETS TO SUCCESS AND INNER PEACE and INSPIRATION: YOUR ULTIMATE CALLING), best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer introduced public television audiences to powerful new ways of thinking.

Now, in DR. WAYNE DYER: EXCUSES BEGONE!, Dyer’s goal is simple, though not easy: to help viewers learn how to overcome lifetime thinking habits that keep them from maximizing their human potential. EXCUSES BEGONE! addresses the powerfully transformative process of changing habituated ways of thinking that limit beliefs in who we can be and what we can achieve.

Through Dyer’s process of identifying the most common self-defeating excuses, he teaches that we have the ability to choose our way of thinking. “This is a program about choosing, not excusing,” he explains. He informs viewers that just because something has “always seemed to be the way it is,” there is a wealth of research that now points to a human being’s ability to change these habits — excuses — and move into new realms of behavior that are no longer self-limiting.

Dyer presents the two biggest excuses people use: “It’s my DNA. I can’t change” — referencing the work done by Dr. Bruce Lipton in the field of epigenetics, which is setting out to prove that DNA is not as unchangeable as once thought — and the concept of “memetics” and “memes,” which are ideas that have been planted, like a virus, in our minds. Examples of this include “having a depression mentality” and stress.

As the program unfolds, Dyer outlines the most common excuses that are used. They include:
•    It will be difficult;
•    It’s going to be risky;
•    It will take a long time;
•    There will be family drama;
•    I don’t deserve it;
•    It’s not my nature;
•    I can’t afford it;
•    No one will help me;
•    It’s never happened before;
•    I’m too old or I’m not old enough;
•    The rules won’t let me;
•    It’s too big;
•    I’m too tired;
•    I’m not smart enough; and
•    I’m scared.

He reviews some of these excuses and provides literary, poetic, philosophical and psychological explanations for why these excuses do not have to be the roadblocks that we may think they are.

EXCUSES BEGONE! is designed to provide viewers with tangible steps that can be used immediately to change excuse-making behaviors. Dyer introduces the foundation for his paradigm to change behavior, which includes four principles: awareness, alignment, contemplation and willingness.  

Dyer introduces Dan Caro, a man whom Dyer believes embodies all the principles of living a “no excuses life.” The young man from New Orleans was burned over more than 95 percent of his body when he was two years old. He endured more than 80 surgeries, during which he lost both hands. Caro had always wanted to become a drummer, however; he’s now a renowned musician. He comes onstage and gives a brief, albeit moving and witty, talk about his own challenges and then plays drums, getting the audience involved as an additional rhythm section. This exhilarating experience for the audience ends with a standing ovation for Caro.

In the last section of EXCUSES BEGONE!, Dyer describes the paradigm for leaving excuses behind. He reviews four questions, which can unlock a “stuck mind.” By working through the answers on an individual basis, these questions provide the path to understanding — and ridding oneself of — excuses:

The first question — “Is it true?” — eliminates counter-productive habits of thinking that are untrue, and the final question — “What would my life look like if I didn’t use these excuses?” — switches the mind into the powerful world of the imagination.

Dyer leaves the audience with even more “anti-excuse tools” by returning to the 18 key excuses and providing an affirmation to counter each one. As usual, he ends with a moving, insightful parable.

Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., is a renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s the author of 30 books, which have sold more than 12 million copies, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

Dyer received his doctorate in educational counseling from Michigan State University and was an associate professor at St. John’s University in New York. He is the recipient of the prestigious Humanitarian Award from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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