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Pulitzer Prize winning author, journalist and filmmaker Douglas Blackmon interviews national leaders, newsmakers, eminent scholars and top reporters from the nation's preeminent institution for study of the American presidency. Broadcast from the University of Virginia's Miller Center


June 25th
Columnist Kimberley Strassel argues that the left is trying to intimidate the political right.

July 2nd
Conservative Former State Department official Eliot Cohen, and liberal historian Jeremy Suri on the opportunities and dangers of President Trump's foreign policy.

July 9th
Former Freedomworks chief Matt Kibbe discusses the future of American conservatism

July 16th
Doug Blackmon and Bryan Stevenson discuss the crisis in criminal justice and possible solutions.

July 23rd
Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz on globalization, income inequality and the new era of President Donald Trump.

July 30th
Neocon writer Bill Kristol discusses the future of the Republican Party and conservative politics.


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