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For over 400 years Virginia has been manufacturing and distributing products the world over. Made in Virginia reveals the raw materials, processes, machinery, distribution, and the enterprising individuals who invent, produce, and build today's highly valued Virginia products. Discover what it really means to be state-of-the-art and Made in Virginia.


July 27th
The Tanom Invader a high performance three wheeled vehicle conceived and built in Culpepper, VA. The Invader is state-of-the-art excitement with a racing pedigree, side by side seating, and power to spare. Built with a fit and finish that rivals the world's most sought after sports cars, the Invader is one of the most exciting vehicles on the road today. And it is made right here in Virginia.

August 3rd
The sandy soil and temperate climate of Southwestern Virginia combined with the best farmers and processors in the world make the Virginia Peanut the finest there is. Since 1840 Virginia Farmers have been producing the tasty crunchy and nutritionally beneficial crop right here in the Old Dominion. So, when it comes to learning all about Peanuts we got you covered right here on Made in Virginia.


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