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For over 400 years Virginia has been manufacturing and distributing products the world over. Made in Virginia reveals the raw materials, processes, machinery, distribution, and the enterprising individuals who invent, produce, and build today's highly valued Virginia products. Discover what it really means to be state-of-the-art and Made in Virginia.

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August 3rd
From the farm to the ballpark Virginia Peanuts are the best in the world. Learn how Virginia Peanuts are grown, harvested and roasted in Wakefield Virginia.

August 10th
Guitar building at its finest. Enjoy music from Huss & Dalton and the Honey Dewdrops. Experience every step in the building of a world-class Huss & Dalton guitar from choosing the wood - to tuning the strings in Staunton Virginia.

August 17th
Virginia is home to one of the world's largest cargo ports. The TMEIC Corporation in Roanoke Virginia designs and manufactures the crane automation systems that move the cargo from ship to shore and back again.

August 24th
Learn what it takes to make the World Whisky Award's Best American Single Malt. It's the Virginia Highlands Single Malt Whisky and its Made In Lovingston, Virginia.

August 31st
Learn what it takes to make chillers that can cool 180 million BTU's in one hour. It's a 15 thousand ton water cooled chiller and its Made In Verona Virginia.

September 7th
The origin of the honey-bee in North America can be traced back to Virginia in 1622. See how the mid-Atlantic's largest honey processor gets so much sweetness into each jar in Berryville Virginia.

September 14th
Since 1832 E.A. Clore & Sons has been building fine American Traditional Furniture. Hand made to last for generations in Madison County, Virginia


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