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"Coy Barefoot" is a weekly news and ideas program recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia, focusing on the latest news, newsmakers, issues and ideas in Central Virginia and beyond. Host and Executive Producer Coy Barefoot is an award-winning, radio and TV journalist, best-selling author, and teaches at the University of Virginia. The program is a project of the new Center for Media and Citizenship at the University,

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Thursday, April 27th

Charlottesville City Councilor Kristin Szakos was among those who voted to remove an historic 1924 statue of Robert E. Lee from a  downtown park— a position that was successfully endorsed last year in a split 3-2 vote. It was learned last week that the City Council would put the statue up for sale. Szakos joins Coy Barefoot to discuss the controversial decision and what has motivated her thinking on the subject.

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