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"Coy Barefoot" is a weekly news and ideas program recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia, focusing on the latest news, newsmakers, issues and ideas in Central Virginia and beyond. Host and Executive Producer Coy Barefoot is an award-winning, radio and TV journalist, best-selling author, and teaches at the University of Virginia. The program is a project of the new Center for Media and Citizenship at the University,

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Thursday, June 29th

Award-winning journalist Coy Barefoot talks with Brian Cannon, the Executive Director of OneVirginia2021 about one of the most enduring, insidious forms of political corruption that is alive and well in Virginia: gerrymandering. Brian's statewide organization is pushing to finally bring an end to gerrymandering in the Commonwealth.

Coy also talks with Dr. Andrea Douglas, the Executive Director of the African-American Heritage Center at Charlottesville's historic Jefferson School. They explore how the story of slavery and civil rights is tied to ideas of education and public spaces in the broader history of the American South

Thursday, July 6th

Coy Barefoot welcomes Maurie McInnis to the program. McInnis is a Vice Provost and Professor of Art History at the University of Virginia- and will be joining the University of Texas at Austin, one of the nation's largest public universities, as its new Executive Vice President and Provost. McInnis explores one of the most heated debates in the modern history of Charlottesville, Virginia: what to do about statues and monuments that celebrate the U.S. Confederacy and its leaders. She also explores the challenging realities facing higher education in America in the 21st century.

Thursday, July 13th

Coy Barefoot enjoys an exclusive, extended conversation with Teresa Sullivan, President of the University of Virginia. President Sullivan talks candidly about the money in college sports, about the future of a classical liberal arts education, the challenges of funding in higher ed, what public vs. private really means, about the future of UVA in the 21st century, its upcoming special bicentennial commemoration, the President's Commission on Slavery at the University, the tragic death of Hannah Graham, and much more

Thursday, July 20th

Coy Barefoot talks with Astronomer Ed Murphy of the University of Virginia. They explore the recent historic announcement that the Kepler Mission has confirmed discovery of thousands of earth-sized planets in the habitual zones of their own suns. They also consider the most likely places where we might actually find evidence of life in our own Solar System: beginning with Europa, one of the dozens of moons of Saturn, where there is more liquid water than in the all the oceans of the Earth. The conversation also travel to Mars, where two NASA rovers are wheeling their way across the landscape

Thursday, July 27th

Coy welcomes John Unsworth to the program, the Dean of Libraries at the University of Virginia for a fascinating conversation about the past, present and future of the very idea of a library full of books. Will students still use books 100 years from now? Will libraries still collect them? What does digitization mean for how we collect, preserve and provide access to our collected knowledge in the future?


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