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What is V-me?
V-me (veh-meh) is the first national Spanish-language television network to partner with American public television. V-me brings the best in quality entertainment to Latino families. The name comes from the Spanish veme, meaning "see me." In addition to providing high-quality programming, V-me represents a new way for U.S. Hispanics to celebrate achievement, explore interests and issues shared with all Americans, and connect to diverse Latino communities across the country.

What kind of programs are on V-me?
Just like PBS, V-me will offer a mixture of children's and adult programming. V-me's programming includes original productions, exclusive premieres and acquisitions, and the best of public TV adapted for American Latinos.

Programs are divided into four main categories:

  • Kids – Growing and Playing, featuring Spanish-language preschool programs, educational online resources for kids and parents and local activities
  • Lifestyle – Living and Improving, an afternoon and weekend lineup of Latino-focused food, travel, design, home and self improvement, parenting, fitness and sports and health and well-being
  • Factual and Current Affairs – Exploring and Expressing, primetime presentations of intelligent entertainment and opinions: history, technology, nature, current affairs, news and biography
  • Movies and Special Events – Enjoying and Celebrating, a once-a-week presentation of the best in contemporary Spanish-language film – with closed captioned subtitles for English-speaking cinema fans. Specials will feature international concerts and events in the arts, pop culture and more.

Where can I watch it?

V-me is a digital channel. It's available over the air in homes with digital receivers on WVPT’s digital channels 11.3 (51.3) and 21.3 (42.3). It is also available to cable subscribers on Comcast Digital 269/559.

How do I know what’s on?
You can check out the listings for V-me at wvpt.net after the channel launches. 

Why was V-me created?
Hispanics play an ever-increasing role in American society. Research shows that Latinos from all walks of life, and all across the U.S., seek something more from television – the quality and intelligent programming that is a form of respect. At the same time, public broadcasters presenting V-me are able to expand and fulfill their mission to educate, engage and entertain their communities to the broadest extent.

Who does V-me target?
V-me is for the more than 30 million bilingual and Spanish-speaking Americans and anyone else who is interested in the American Latino experience.

Why is V-me programming in Spanish?
Numerous studies support that Spanish and English speakers alike want to help develop and promote bilingualism among their children. V-me believes that the ability to speak two languages represents an ever more important global advantage, and the network offers a safe, non-commercial environment where this can happen.

For more information, please visit www.vmetv.com.