Author Appearing at Manassas Museum

From 10/08/ 3:32 pm until 10/08/ 5:32 pm

At Manassas Museum

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In the spring of 1862, the largest army ever assembled on the North American continent landed in Virginia, on the peninsula between the James and York Rivers, and proceeded to march toward Richmond. Between that army and the capitol of the Confederate States of America, an outnumbered Confederate force did all in its feeble power to resist, but all it could do was slow, not stop, the juggernaut. To Southerners, the war, not yet a year old, looked lost. The Confederate government prepared to evacuate the city. The citizenry prepared for the worst. In Richmond Shall Not Be Given Up, historian Doug Crenshaw follows a battle so desperate that, ever-after, soldiers would remember that week simply as The Seven Days.

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