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WVPT Public Media is both an on-air and online media facility. WVPT is licensed as the local/regional PBS member station with programming for the Shenandoah Valley and Charlottesville, VA area. WVPT Public Media provides digital-first program content via YouTube and Internet services, and an interactive engagement at Program suppliers include PBS, National Educational Television Association (NETA) and American Public Television (APT), as well as other national sources; WVPT itself with locally produced specials and series; and independent producers.

Programming includes:

  • 60 hours each week of children's shows targeting ages 2 to 12
  • Approximately 600 hours of local programs produced by WVPT or acquired locally:
  • The Miller Center AMERICAN FORUM
  • REAL VA – in conjunction with The Virginia Farm Bureau
  • VA TONIGHT programs focusing on our local area
  • WVPT-produced documentaries
  • PBS programming
  • British comedies

WVPT provides three program services: a primary HD service; CREATE, a 24/7 how-to and lifestyle

To serve the public through active community engagement and by providing trusted and valued services and high quality content to educate, enlighten, lead, inspire and entertain.

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