I am six years old. I enjoy doing new things and going new places. I like to read and share adventures in the forest with my friends. I listen to my parents when they say to be safe when I play and to eat healthy foods at mealtime. I hope you do, too.

I like playing outside. Sometimes, though, I must play inside when it is raining or too cold. Take a look at some of my favorite activities on the activities page. I hope you like them, too.

When it snows outside, I stay inside and take a long nap! But I must have some honey, first.

I am always busy. If I'm not at home, I am at parades or other events. I enjoy meeting people and making new friends. I cannot wait to meet you!

Fun Activity Sheets:

  Click on an activity sheet below. Each sheet is in pdf format for easy printing.

It's Arthur!
Arthur's Open-Face Sandwich
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Help Caillou Find the Pets
Cubby Dot to Dot
Cubby Phonics
Whirling Buzz Toy

Where to see Cubby next:

  • TBA


Cubby and his friends at a JMU Basketball game.


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