• From 10/27/ 6:30 pm until 10/29/ 6:30 pm
    At 1700 Lyndhurst Rd, Waynesboro, VA 22980, USA Categories: Meeting
    Coming October 27 "A Pale Horse Rides" a LIVE Bible seminar featuring footage filmed on location with speaker Shawn Boonstra at the Waynesboro Seventh-day Adventist Church. Is Christianity facing its death? Does the Bible predict it would happen? This 3-night free seminar series include topics such as Rome is Burning, Barbarian Fire, and An Underground Movement. Come and explore what the Bible has to say about these includes topics. Location - Waynesboro Seventh-day Adventist Church 1700 Lynhurst Road, Waynesboro Dates - October 27-29 @ 6:30pm every night For more information visit or call 800-297-9071
  • From 10/21/ 1:00 pm until 10/21/ 2:30 pm
    We welcome you to a presentation given by one of our members. Come learn about cohousing in general, what Harrisonburg Cohousing is working to create, and why you might want to be a part of the action! RSVP: If you can't make it this time, check out our events calendar for the next presentation (
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