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Greetings from WVPT

Greetings and thank you for visiting our brand new interactive and responsive WVPT DOT NET. This is WVPT Public TV & New Media's long form web channel...where you can watch all our local shows and the PBS prime time schedule on demand. And now, with WVPT Pass Port you will find up to forty percent more content available ON DEMAND only to you, the WVPT member. Since 1968, WVPT has been the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia's public television station. But that's just scratching the surface. WVPT is also a classroom, a concert hall, a conference center, a college, and a library of the airwaves, Internet, and in all mobile friendly formats. With the launch of the new WVPT DOT NET, we are now one of the most accessible educational institutions in the region, utilizing the power of new media to help carry out our mission of education, culture, and citizenship for everyone within its reach.

We are now available for you and your family anytime, anywhere, and now truly on any device. With the launch of the new WVPT DOT NET, the distribution of Public Media in the Shenandoah Valley and Charlottesville changes forever. WVPT is no longer just TV, today and forever, we are now totally responsive on all devices (Cable, Satellite, PC, Laptop, Tablet, IPhone, Smart Phones now... and into the future) with a new modern, clean design, increased video player capability and overall interactive functionality. Starting right now the geographical distance challenges are no longer in existence. You can engage with your friends in the # WVPT Community on social media, check out what is happening across the region, watch a show you missed last night, submit a program topic for consideration, find out who's playing at the next area concert, find just the right business you are looking for, upload, download, and even overload all on the wonderful community-based programs by binge watching if you so desire every episode you ever wanted to...and all...now on your favorite personal video device.

For the business owners in the area, we now have the ability to provide branded interaction on all our website pages with advertising and support levels never before on WVPT. You can share your brand across the worldwide web, WVPT / PBS members, local communities, and on every single media device known today...and in the future. You'll see an increased visibility of opportunities to support and engage with the business community, regional non-profits, and your community and with the station. You'll enjoy an increased video content library, a revamped Community Calendar with increased ease of functionality for constituents and a site that has the ability to grow and change as the community does.

80% of our annual budget comes directly from donations from viewers like you. I want to personally THANK YOU for your past belief of the community mission to educate, inspire, and entertain. We have engaged the community over the last eighteen months inquiring what new content and services you desired. The distribution model of TV programming has changed since the mid-50s and today, we are all very proud of the WVPT web team here that has worked tirelessly over the summer and into fall to create, troubleshoot, evaluate, revise, and lead this effort – and on top of their regular daytime roles. I hope as you check us out, that if you like what you see, you'll support WVPT and WVPT DOT NET. Thank you visiting the new and improved WVPT DOT NET. How can we be of service to you and your community?

Enjoy the community!

All the best,


To serve the public through active community engagement and by providing trusted and valued services and high quality content to educate, enlighten, lead, inspire and entertain.

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