A Message from the General Manager

David MullinsThanks for visiting WVPT’s Web Channel. We provide an interactive environment with many resources for entertainment and education for both adults and children.

When I think of WVPT and PBS, the one thing that comes to mind is the relationship and real partnership that we have with our viewers and our supporters. There is a special bond, a TRUST, that our viewers have for us through the unique, non-commercial, educational and entertaining programs and special projects that we provide. Why else would PBS consistently be ranked #1 in Public Trust by the annual Roper Poll?

With TRUST comes RESPONSIBILITY, and we at WVPT proudly serve a 40-county region covering the Shenandoah Valley, Central Virginia (including Charlottesville) and Northern Virginia, in addition to the Washington D.C. market. We take our responsibility to serve very seriously through our television programming, our twice annual Kids’ Book Festivals, and other outreach efforts.

WVPT Kids' Book FestivalWVPT is the most accessible educational and cultural institution in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond, utilizing the power of broadcasting and the internet to help carry out a mission to provide lifelong learning opportunities to everyone within our reach. While the most visible activity at WVPT is the broadcast of PBS programs, the station’s efforts extend beyond the TV screen and into the community through educational outreach services. Every year WVPT is honored to receive “Awards of Excellence” by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters. Each is a product of WVPT’s mission to make a difference in the lives of our audience, and our vision to connect the residents of our viewing area to each other, to their country and to the world through the use of broadcast television, the internet and community and educational outreach projects.

WVPT is on the air 24 hours each day with non-commercial, high-quality programming designed to teach, illuminate, entertain and inspire. PBS icon series, such as NOVA, MASTERPIECE, THE NEWSHOUR and FRONTLINE, are just a few examples of the type of quality, award-winning series found only on Public Television. And, of course, WVPT continues to provide our award-winning local programs VIRGINIA FARMING, CONSIDER THIS, MILLER CENTER FORUMS and WVPT COOKS WITH TASSIE PIPPERT. Plus, WVPT provides more than 65 hours of the best in children’s programming each week.

WVPT provides our entire regular schedule on WVPT-HD with programs broadcast in High Definition, plus a digital service called “Create” which focuses on educating viewers with “how-to” programs on home repair, cooking, etc. And WVPT is the only broadcaster in this part of Virginia to provide a 24-hour Spanish-language service called “V-me.” This new digital service is essentially “PBS for the Spanish speaker” with the same type of non-commercial, educational and entertaining programs available in Spanish. The growing Hispanic population in this part of Virginia is truly underserved, and “V-me” will be a unique service for this community.

WVPT is your Public Television Station, your community resource, and we are proud to serve you. I think you will find that your financial support of WVPT is a great investment—an investment that brings you results you can see immediately.


David Mullins
President and General Manager
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